Monday, January 16, 2012


This is done as follows decoration. Take a stable stand, for example, a small old flower pot or other container with borders. It is superimposed clay-like mixture - it may be a special infant formula for sculpting and normal plasticine. Clay is preferred because it frozen, it will be good to keep the complex composition or arrangement designed to transport (the perfect gift!). You can try to take advantage of a dense and paralon. Fill the tank mix is ​​not necessarily entirely (in the interests of economy and stability of the bottom pot can be filled with stones), it all depends on the depth and complexity of future designs.

The top of the pot, as shown in the figure, it should draw from the mixture in the form of a sphere. In the middle to put out the candle. Then, successively, to fix other design elements. It can be both natural and artificial green twigs, leaves, flowers, buds, moss, dry grass and ears (well, if you stocked them in the fall), nuts (they can be "silvered" with paint), sprigs of berries, small glass toys or figurines, ribbons. You can also make small surprises (if you're going to give my song) or "obmanchiki" (a piece paralon wrapped in paper and wrap in the form of a gift).

Similarly, you can draw and the next version. The only feature of the Christmas candles - fragrance emitted by it. This occurs due to the fact that the candle in a circle lined with cinnamon sticks, which, in turn, is attached to star anise. The smell is undeniable, it will sort, but you can come up with his version of "fragrant candles" or buy a ready-made scented candle.

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