Monday, January 16, 2012

Candlestick beads.

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Easily can be designed beaded candle this way:
Pearl candles
What you will need.
1. white ball-shaped candles 2. mother of pearl or other opaque
zrachny beads of different diameters, from about 3 to 6 mm
3. saucer or dessert plate
4. wallpaper paste
5. bowl of paste
6. silver tray
7. brush and tweezers.

How to do it.

This precious "pearl" inlay candle is amazing.

It is interesting that decorate the candles so amazingly prosto.Na saucer or dessert plate pour the whole bowl biser.V with a little water to dissolve the paste, as shown in upakovke.Kleyster will be quite viscous.

Candles by two-thirds vysity grease paste, causing bone various simple patterns: zig-zag lines, dots, wide poloski.Vzyat candle in hand, so that its fuse base and located between the thumb and forefinger.

Carefully dent candle in glass beads so that it prikleilsya.Zatem little spark to turn around and again dent biser.Okleiv candle beads from all sides, gently put her on the stand to dry.

Well look at some of these candles silver podnose.Dopolnitelno they can decorate with fresh spruce branches.

From this room filled with your scent of pine needles - aroma of the holidays.

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